Master Plants of the Amazon

Master Palos

This mixture of seven trees (palos) is unique for each Shaman. Ours includes Bubinzana and Chuchuhuasi. It is used in the jungle against laziness, as it will make you very strong. It works on virility and recovering the sense of life. It builds trust and will power.

Its strong cleaning properties make it very useful in case of diseases of the immune system, tumours. It will reorganize your thoughts and make you psychologically very fit to deal with difficult situations.


Chuchuhuasi (Maytenus Laevis) means "trembling back", for its uses for arthritis, rheumatism and back pain. This strong tree with a red bark stands very tall and very high in the forest, thanks to its roots. It will help you have a higher view on things, a sense of humour. It typically works on masculine lineage and your spiritual heritage, the faith of your ancestors.

As a strong tonic, it gives you strength in your life and teaches you how to be just. It restores the father structure as it should be.


Uña de Gato (Uncaria Guianesis) means cat's claw, for the shape of its thorns. This tropical vine treats inflammations, viral infections and tumours, cleans the intestinal tract. It can be used during chemo treatments to ease symptoms and cures Lyme disease.

Problems of the immune system sometimes come from de-spirited state or a situation when one has lost heart. On a spiritual level, this plant reconnects you to your body and what it needs: it balances body and spirit.


Renaco (Ficus Trigona) has the ability to bring down from his branches aerial roots. Eventually they reach the ground and a new tree is born. Typically, one will find in the Amazon an entangled Renaco forest, originating from an original tree. It hosts many animals, from the ground, water, to the air. It sings to the broken hearted.

This tree teaches you to love yourself and what is your place in the family and human tribe. Animal complex social dynamics are disclosed to show you your own relationships entanglements. It will show you how to lead from the heart.


Clavo Huasca (Tynnanthus panurensis) is a vine that grows around trees higher than 80 meters. The wood features a cross in its middle. It warms the body. The clove taste turns this tree into a powerful antidote for parasites of all kinds and realms.

Clavo Huasca fosters feminine sexual drive at all ages. It is also a medicine for erectile disfunction. Recommended for rheumatism, arthrosis and fertility, it treats inflammation. It teaches us how to live with passion.


Ubos (Spondias mombin) is one of the plants-tree used in a 7 Palos mixture, but also as a stand alone bark preparation. It heals all kinds of female reproductive tract issues. Used by midwives, it helps to induce labor, reduce bleeding and pain and prevent vaginal infections. It is a common remedy for digestive problems, stomachaches, diarrhea, colic and constipation, antiviral, anticandidal and antiseptic for skin problems.
As a master plant, it will soften any kind of inner blocks and heal old emotional wounds, especially related to early childhood or even while the baby was in her mother’s womb. As it grows very quickly and can be used as a living fence, for shade and fruits, it will also offer a lot of protection.