Master Plants of the Amazon

Master Sanangos

Chiricsanango (Brunfelsia Grandiflore) works on fears. Fear is considered like a cold energy that sets on your body and prevents you to feel. Throughout the diet, you will feel cold, as cold is extracted from you, with a tingling sensation.

It works on your expression, your spiritual connection and capability to connect to others, developing the inner self. It promotes the flow of love as well as alertness and clarity, enhancing self-esteem.

It makes your bones very strong and traditionally heals rheumatism, arthritis and joints.


Ushpa (Tabernaemontana Undulata) is a plant that works on the memory of the heart. Traditionally used to heal traumas, help in mourning processes, it will also remind you of things forgotten, repressed and needing integration, specially childhood memories.

It will teach you how to let emotions fill your heart and talk from your deepest truth core. It can make you cry or laugh. A strong healing plant, it will work on feminine organs, immune system and joints.


Abuta (Abuta Grandifolia), also called Motello Sanango,  has a strong effect on diabetes and the way you process sugar in your body. It deals with bitterness, all kinds of bitter feelings, and teaches you how to be a mother for yourself and processing sweet things (love) in your life. It will clean your liver, purify your blood and treat all kinds of pre-menopause and menopause symptoms, endometriosis. It will carry you through mother issues in your dreams and visions.