Master Plants of the Amazon


This plant, also called Immortal, served as a bouquet on Apollo's head to remind the world of his immortality. The smell evokes curry and the plant looks dry but it is always alive. Helichrysum connects us to the eternity of the Universe and the power of Earth. She helps us staying grounded in reality and overcome psychological wounds. It heals hematomas of the soul, preventing us to face present and future times with confidence and serenity.  It helps with difficult childhoods.

Source Lydia Bosson, Hydrolathérapie, Editions Amyris

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Rosa comes from the Eden garden and has a special place in the memory of humanity. We use the variety called Rosa Castilla, Little Rose of Saint Theresa or Rosa Damascena.

Strongly connected to the Virgin, it will teach you how to use your heart and give you spiritual guidance. It soothes angry tempers, deals with excess fire in your body. Excellent for mourning process and heart breaks, Rose also makes you less rigid and selfish.

It teaches you how to reach a higher level in all your connections with humility and a steady pace. In general, it will purify your body and restore a feeling of oneness.


The Olive Tree (Olea Europae) is the tree of Abraham, before different choices were made in monotheist religions. It can be seen as a chubby priest, for whom all is round, without sharp angles. Known as an almost immortal tree, it has deep teachings about the history of humanity, father lineages and ways to solve conflicts. Traditionally it is used for blood pressure problems and in the past it was used for malaria, as it prevents viruses reproduction. It is a symbol of longevity.


Tilias have been considered sacred trees for ages and its tea was called the nectar of kings. This plant as a golden energy that works on anxiety, relieves grief and attracts love to your life.  It teaches you about harmony, opens the emotional and spiritual heart. It lowers blood pressure and is a health tonic.


Lavender (Lavendula Intermedia or Stoechas) includes several species with a different balance of soothing benefits and cleansing properties, according to the level of camphor it contains. Heart opening plant, it is a very strong anti-depressant, and restores balance in your life. Used for centuries in cleaning household products, it will make you shine on an energetic level, washing away negativity and showing you the source of your thoughts.

Credit Photo: Mariyan Georgiev


Laurel (Laurus Nobilis) is an ancient leaf connected to Ceasar, triumph and victory. It teaches you how to be brave and confident,  with honor and dignity. Aggressive in cleaning the body, it destroys all kinds of parasites and teaches how to lead an honorable life, with your efforts. It cuts through the clutter, stabilises emotions and gives you strength.

It works on your digestive system on several levels and cleans toxic substances, physically and otherwise. 

We use this plant harvested in Madeira Island, where it is found as a forest of old trees and renowned for its purity and magical properties, as it is used in processions for Saints to decorate streets.


Sauco (Sambucus Nigra) is called by portuguese villagers "a cupboard of medicines", as all the parts of the tree can be used for medicinal purposes.It was well known among prehistorical people and uses are recorded at least 2500 years ago by Romans and Greeks. Hollow branches have been used to make magical flutes in the past.

Used to dissolve bladder stones, it helps with fever and has recently been recognised for its action on diabetes. Used as a purge, it will work on bowels and the urinary tract.

As it is effective with the flu, it will work on emotional issues and cold in the heart, caused by relationship wounds and family secrets.