We have three types of retreats and levels of depth to take you gradually into a heart opening experience and life changing process.


Seminar: introduction to the Ayahuasca and Tobacco: 3 nights, 4 days. Tobacco ritual, two ceremonies with the Madre, individual songs, sharing session and group integration, personal interview.

This is an intense week-end, a meeting with the ancestral knowledge of master plants. If you have a chronic disease, a longer retreat is more appropriate for permanent effects. It is a life changing experience and also a means to diagnose the need for other types of treatment. Time is short, and apart from the sharing session, it is more difficult to work on dreams and specific issues as could be done in other types of retreats. We ask for a motivation letter or intention for the seminar, so we can better advise you on the more appropriate format.

It is a good introduction to the plants and shamans. If you have a chronic disease, a longer retreat is more appropriate for permanent effects.

Shamanic Retreat

Shamanic retreat: 1 week, 6 nights, 7 days. Tobacco ritual, two ceremonies with the Madre, individual songs, master plants in isolation for 4 days, according to shaman’s diagnostics. Personal interviews throughout.

This is an introduction to the Dieta, on a shorter format. After purging upon your arrival, you have a day to get acquainted with the work of the plants. After that, there are requirements on your social activity and food intake. Four intense isolation days where you can work on your dreams and understand the roots of your problems. Then a last ceremony and a day to enjoy, celebrate and gradually come back to regular meals. It’s a breath of fresh air, a time to recenter and recover health on new levels.

Shamanic Diet

Shamanic diet: 10 days, 9 nights. Tobacco ritual, two ceremonies with Madre, individual songs, master plants in isolation for 7 days, according to shaman’s diagnostics and with traditional amazonian vegetalista setting. Tobacco day. Personal interviews throughout, teachings on the dream world and how to keep the connection with the plants afterwards.

The Dieta. It is a challenging time, as your body adapts to the rhythm of the plants and time slows down. Not much to do, no distractions. Dream work, drawing and intense revelations. The Shamans are there to guide you through the process and provide a safe context for healing to happen as everything around you carries subtle messages and a deep connection to nature. Treasures discovered can be brought back to your life. However difficult it may be, you will sometimes long for the moments you spent in your cabin and the clarity of mind you acquired.

For these different kinds of retreats, a few restrictions apply even when you go back home, as your body needs to integrate the experience gradually, avoiding red meats, sugar, alcohol, sex and psychoactive drugs. It is a personal commitment that you should discuss with life partners and family to ensure you get the best benefits out of it. 

We offer a minimum of comfort, heated rooms and cabins, comfortable beds, hot water, etc. This is not the Amazon of course, but the sensory deprivation, occasional fasting and work on your dreams can be as challenging and rewarding as a traditional retreat in the virgin forest. You’re also closer to home and have immediate internet access at the end of the retreat.

You can read more on specific plants offered in longer retreats, the Madre, Tobacco, and all kinds of health concerns on the menu bar.

Here is a link on the traditional diet from 1988, with doctor Jacques Mabit.

- Personal healing session possible in Lisbon, by appointment (Traumatic Incident Reduction, Unblocking, purges)

- Online session with Sankan Usna (Traumatic Incident Reduction, Unblocking)




Here are some simplified documents on preparing before the retreat or diet and the recommendations for after: